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Below are some of our most recent testimonials
Dr. D. J. A. Toalster - Frankfurt, Germany - Kopis Sword of Philipp II & Ares Xiphos Sword
I spent months scouring the internet for a site like this. As a lecturer for Ancient History at Frankfurt
University in Germany I am particularly interested in the weapons of ancient Greece - so, for me, this was the place I had been looking for so long. Chris Palmer's custom work is simply amazing. In his pieces he has achieved several things difficult to combine: No matter if he is given several pictures from a film, covering different angles of a blade and sheath, a finished own design or just a briefly sketched outline - this man's meticulous attention to detail, or in the case of missing detail, his own imagination and workmanship never fail to deliver. I have purchased both types from him, film swords based on some of my favorite movie weapons, but also several swords based on Greek designs from the 6th to 3rd centuries BC, in which case I tried my own hand at adapting some original ancient designs.

He will discuss any feasible ideas for bladed weapons and offer a competitive price - remember, all this is made to order, Chris will make you your own blade, no "off-the-shelf" and "one-size-fits-all" here. And
these are no wallhangers, mind you! This is then wrapped up with his own trademark, the "Scorpion
Style", adding the extra touch here and there to make the finished product "tight", so that the design
and functionality of blade and scabbard form a unit.

His customer service is fantastic: Issues I had over a scabbard that were most probably the delivery
service's fault were immediately answered and a satisfying solution found in a matter of days, simply by
sending an e-mail stating the problem. I have always been completely satisfied with Chris' work and have recommended his superb workmanship to several of my friends and colleagues interested in blades. I also use them regularly as objects of demonstration for my courses - the students love them! And just to make a final point: With the help of Chris I am currently already designing a new Greek sword. So, thanks Chris and keep up the good work!
 Demetrius Van - Resedent Evil Machete YouTube Review            Click Here to View His YouTube Review
It’s a beautiful piece. Functional too. It will definitely do what you need to do out in the bush! My hand really fits around it nicely. Great fit! It’ll chop and dig. Good for camping. It’ll do it all! It’s a survival tool. Nice last line of defense. This thing is a tank! It’s a machine! Pretty bad ass blade. I like it so much I wouldn’t trade it for the world!
Dave "accipiter" - Germany -Tsunami Sword influenced by the Conan Valeria
Hi Chris, I just wanted to say that the new swords were great, as usual! The brass detailing of my Valeria
Tsunami with the two different heads to the hilt is simply amazing and I just love the way you did the
scabbard. I am looking forward to buying more stuff from your site.
Dimitrios - Thessaloniki Macedonia, Greece - Falcon Alexander the Great Sword
I received the sword. The truth is that the sword is much better than the pictures i saw. Steady
construction, good quality of steel, excellent constructed grip and excellent tie between the wood and
the steel, center of mass exactly where it should be. The sheath was much better than I expected.
Carefully made, leather, exactly at the shape of the sword. A good sheath to match a good sword. You
made excellent work my friend!! Congratulations!
Your friend, Dimitrios
Xgoldy - Member - Spartan 300 Sword
Just letting you know the knife arrived today.
DAMN!!! that thing is a real beast! can't wait to take it out and slaughter some trees with it! thanks for
making a product that i am not afraid to use at a price that i can afford.
440Hard - Member - Delta Force Knife:
Thanks Chris, got it. Outstanding. This is one stout knife, and the blade is really unique, difficult to
photograph. Keep up the good work, thanks again -Ron
Tomb_Lin - JerzeeDevil Forums Member - Khopesh Sword:
Received the Khopesh today-man what an awesome piece-tyvmhis
George300 from SBG - Lord of the Rings Strider Knife        Click Here to View His Complete Review
Chris did a fine job on this one.... not a production piece... came paper-cutting sharp right out of the box and I love it... Tiger maple and pretty attractive to my eyes. It is highly polished and feels pretty comfortable in hand. This is a pretty strong blade and a quick-handler...I would buy this knife again in a second and I recommend it to everyone.
Marty Lee - Smyrna, Georgia - Devastator Axe, Influenced by the Death Dealer  

What can I say about an *Axe* like this, *The Devastator*, just unbelievable what an insane piece. I love the Frazetta drawings especially the death dealer one's (remember the old Molly Hatchet album cover) and I have wanted the Axe from his drawings for a long time. There is one other copy made and it is around $2000.00 so for Chris to make one for me especially at the price he charged is crazy and appreciated. This Axe is one heavy solid piece of wood and sharp steel. Having the handle steam bent makes it a lot stronger and is a plus I didn't even realize he could do. The Axe head is solidly pinned and glued into the handle and the heavy wood carvings around the head makes sure it will never come loose. However It isn't for the weak, it is one heavy piece and takes a whole bunch to swing it. Even though it is usable it looks great hanging on the wall and still scares me just to pick it up and hold it, were talking about one intimidating weapon here. I can't thank Chris enough for working with me, during the time he made this he sent pictures of all the steps and made sure I was alright with the way it was coming out, so basically he's a great guy to work with. I've gotta recommend this Axe to anyone who is into great work and brave enough to handle it. I look forward to working with Chris on another piece soon.         Thanks again Marty...


Ted Bej, Peekskill NY - Khopesh Sword of Pharaoh:
Being a long time student of Egyptology I must say Mr. Palmer has captured the Khopesh sword with striking accuracy. This man is an artist in the true sense. This Khopesh is more than a sword but an actual work of art. Mr Palmer uses steel, rather than paint and canvas to create his masterpieces. Those of of you interested in edged weapons such as I am, your search ends with Chris Palmer he will do more than meet your desires. As for my Khopesh I'm sure it would make Ramses II proud to own. Ted Bej, proud owner of the fine work of Mr. Chris Palmer.

PS. Thanks for the kick ass edge.
Lee Reeves - Wasilla, AK - Crocodile Hunter:                    Click Here to View His Sword Review
I can certainly recommend Mr Palmer’s work. I recently ordered one of his Crocodile Hunter Knives. not ordered from Mr Palmer before and did not know about his work. But after seeing the quality and robustness of that knife, Mr Palmer has become my number one maker of all things true weapons. I even ordered a second Crocodile Hunter Knife I liked the first one so much. I should add a comment too about the great customer service I received from Mr Palmer. He is one of the few makers I have dealt with over the years that matched what he said as far as delivery time and quality of work. Both knives were as advertised on Mr Palmer’s site and from his description of them. In fact they were both better than advertised. I guess you can see from the fact that I ordered a second knife that I liked it. In closing I can recommend Mr Palmer and his products and will be ordering from him again.
Scorpion Swords & Knives Facebook Picture Link from Web Site
Christian Rosado - Lake Grove, New York – Sword of Eli:
While I can't claim to be a master sword fighter I am a ranked champion in the fencing world. I hold the 6th best fencer in the United States. Naturally, I wanted a well-made real sword. There is a lot of crap swords out there, and some are overpriced crap. My love of swords came from the classic great sword movies. Many of which are offered on this website. I saw the “Book of Eli” movie and thought wow what a great concept for a sword. I searched the internet and found lots of sites selling the sword for 40 bucks. Serious collectors, however, look for quality and those were cheap 440 stainless steel. The quality of Chris's swords are by far the best I’ve seen anywhere. The fact that they are handmade is a plus, but the fact that they are made of 1095 spring steel, then heat treated twice caught my eye. There are places that charge thousands for these kind of swords, and by the time you get them, you’re so afraid to even wield them. I bought the Sword of Eli from Scorpion Swords & Knives. When it arrived, it blew my mind. Its weight is good and bites deep! The attention to detail was epic! With this level of quality, I had to order the lord of the rings Sword of Arwen from Scorpion Swords. This is another item you can find all over the internet. However, they are not as real or battle ready as Chris makes. You can buy cheap swords, but you never see them tested on wood and other materials. The most damage you can do to a sword is metal on metal and metal on wood. Chris’s weapons are even tested on wood, as shown in his Youtube videos. This is a tribute to Chris’s craftsmanship. Chris, I beg you please make the sword from “Steel Dawn” lol. Great quality! Even better prices!
About our company, Scorpion Swords & Knives, Link to the page with more information.  How we make our blades, where, etc.
Theodore Vasilopoulos – Greece – Ares Xiphos Sword
It is a really cool sword, it has a nice cutting edge and an amazing sheath, it is a bit heavy though, but that gives it an amazing cut, It looks great and feels great to have. It has a very good stabbing point, it is just like a replica of the ancient weapon, but better.
Wayne Caldwell - Vernal, UT - Middle Earth Elven Warrior SwordClick Here to View His Sword Review
Once again, Scorpion Swords has come through in the Elvish clutch. Their newest creation, the Middle Earth Warrior Sword, is a unique take on the swords used by the elves of the First Age from the Lord of the Rings series. While less artistic than their United Cutlery counterparts (now unavailable almost everywhere), for the FULL TANG, BATTLE READY, peened-hilt functionality, I will forgive them the less-than-Sindarin aesthetics. Oh, and did I mention the price? $269 for one of these bad boys! $318 with the sheath to carry it!! And, best of all, they are hand-forged for heavy cutting!!! Yeah, ring me up. Important Note: the boys at Scorpion Swords will customize your weapon in most cases, if you email and ask them. I know from experience. I have asked them to do just that with their take on Hadhafang.
Brian Osborn - Forney, Texas – Falcon Sword, Black Asp Kopis, Historical Falcata:
(Review also on our Facebook page)
I have just received my 3rd, out of 4 swords I ordered. All 3 I had custom done with Micarta Red/Black on the Falcon and Historical Falcata., Green/Black in the Black Asp Kopis. All three blades were Blackened and came out with "Incredible" Distressed Patterns that make these 3 "Post Apocalyptic" Warrior Blades just AWESOME!! I "will" be posting pictures because they are just too pretty "Not" to be shared. The "only" thing that rivals the blades themselves is the Incredible Customer Service I have received from Chris Palmer! Skilled Craftsmen with this level of passion and commitment are truly what makes this company second to NONE!
Also see Testimonials on our Facebook Reviews Page Here
(Review also on our Facebook Page)
Just received my sword of Ares and I have to say what an awesome piece of work. I own a lot of swords from Hanwei to Del Tin and this one has got to be one of my favorites. Somewhat heavy but good balance and a comfortable handle (By the way I love the handle color). This was my reward to myself for my one year anniversary of quitting tobacco. Thanks again.
Richard Montague - Carson City, Nevada - Ares Xiphos Sword:
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A well-known sword reviewer on SBG, completed a durability test on our Tactical KO Katana. He tried to put our sword through near failure and it passed with flying colors! Our sword was put through Slicing, Stabbing, & Chopping tests on 1) Jugs, 2) Particle Board, 3) Logs, 4) Steel Polls, 5) Steel Trash Cans, and 6) Concrete Blocks!!! Check out his video to give you a better idea of the strength and durability that is a part of all our swords and knives! This particular sword was completed and offered as a limited edition only through the SBG On-Line Store.
Jason Woodard's Durability Tests on Our Tactical KO KatanaClick Here to View His Sword Review
Kyle Warner - The Defender Sword I:
I have a small, yet expensive and high quality weapon collection. All hand forged, everything from Viking bearded axes and elegant knives to hand forged medieval swords and $1000+ katana pieces of art that are obviously functional yet will probably never be used.  With all that being said, in complete honesty, the Defenders Short Sword (version 1) that I purchased from these guys is probably one of my favorite weapons that I own and would be the first blade I reach for on my way out the door if there was a zombie apocalypse. In all seriousness this sword is the epitome of functionality and is indeed, as advertised, nearly indestructible.
I've seen the testing videos of their swords on YouTube and decided to put my own to the test as well. A week or so ago I cut a good size pile of fire wood with this sword, let me say that again, I cut firewood WITH A SWORD. Even more recently we decided to take the wooden hand railing off of our back porch and I cut off all four 4×4 posts off with this beast of a blade. All of that and not a SINGLE roll or chip on the edge of the blade and did not even noticeably dull at all whatsoever. There were a few scratches on the flat of the blade but that was from hitting a couple nails in the post, and mind you I didn't just hit the nails, I cut through them like butter and didn't even know it until after.
As a functional cutter this blade is literally perfect in my opinion. It's light enough to handle well even with one hand and yet it has the power of an axe. The handle is ergonomic and feels amazing in your grip. I could go on forever about this sword but I've already gone on long enough. If you've read this far then your seriously considering buying one of their blades and I can tell you that you won't be disappointed, they are elegant enough to be on display and strong enough to cut almost anything you can think of. Thanks for taking the time to read this and I hope you add one of these bad boys to your collection!