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About Our Company
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Description of Scorpion Swords & Knives:
We are all about making the best battle ready swords and knives in the world! Scorpion Swords & Knives, is an American based company out of Springfield, Missouri. Owned and operated by Chris Palmer. You may recognize him from the History Channel’s reality show, “Top Shot”, casted as the Archery Expert in Season 1, 3, & 5. Chris began his business building & selling Self Archery Bows & Spears. During that time he made a series of bow making tutorials on YouTube, which have reached MILLIONS of views.

Chris later expanded his business, and began making knives and eventually swords. This is his passion! His blade customer base has grown so large that he can no longer accept bow orders. Staff: He’s also had to train in several bladesmiths to keep up with the growing amount of orders.

Our Sword & Knife Styles:
We have many rare designs, not commonly available to order on the internet. Our major influence is Ancient, Movie, and Survival Weapons.

Our Reputation & Testimonials:
Search our company on the internet and you will quickly find out that our weapons are the REAL DEAL! Our blades are quality made and fully functional. Our excellent customer service makes your experience with us enjoyable. We also have a testimonials page on our website that can be found here:
Our Facebook Page:
If you want to be the first to find out about our newest weapons released, videos released, or weapons going on sale then you need to Like Our Facebook page! Here’s the link to our page:  

Contact Us:
Here is the link to our Contact Page: 
Our Steel:
We use 1095 High Carbon Annealed Steel, 3/16” thick. This steel holds a much keener edge than other steels. Annealing is a heat process whereby the steel is heated to a specific temperature /color and then allowed to cool slowly. This softens the metal which means it can be cut and shaped more easily.

Our Heat Treatment Process & Handle Work:
The type of steel we use, combined with our heat treatment process, is what makes our weapons EXTREMELY DURABLE! We Heat Harden our steel, which involves heating the steel to approximately 1500 degrees, until it becomes non magnetic then quenching it in oil. The 2nd step is Heat Tempering, which consists of heating the steel to 500 degrees for 2 hours, and letting it air cool. This makes for a Rockwell Hardness of approximately 59. All scales are attached with either exposed or hidden pins and attached with gorilla glue.

Videos Of Our Weapon’s Demonstrations:
We have released numerous videos demonstrating how strong and battle ready our weapons are on Youtube, that have also reached over MILLIONS OF VIEWS. Here is a link to our youtube page where they can be accessed: 
Made to Order Blades:
All orders are handmade in our shop as orders are received. They are NOT Factory Made! Our high order volume makes it difficult to keep any of our weapons in stock.

Custom Orders – Customers Can Create Their Own Weapon:
The biggest part of our business is custom orders. Our customers have the ability to customize any of our weapons. They can even submit their own unique design. Here is our page that explains how to submit your custom order to us for a price quote:

Order Wait Time:
Our order wait time is currently 6 to 8 weeks. Wait time is longer over the holidays.

Worldwide Shipping:
Yes! We ship to customers all over the world. All weapons are shipped USPS priority mail, with insurance & delivery tracking. Once your shipping label is created, you’ll get an e-mail with a link to track your package.   Here is our shipping rates page: 
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