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All our blades are made with 1095 High Carbon Steel. We picked this steel because we feel it is very durable and holds a much keener edge than swords made with lower carbon content. Being carbon steel, however, there are certain steps you need to take to keep your blade from collecting rust or staining. Your blade will last you a lifetime.

Special Note: Over time your blade will develop a patina, and it will be more resistant to rust. Its high carbon steel, so it will need more care at first.

Although we make these blades to be as tough as possible they can still be damaged with too much abuse and incorrect technique, depending on the blade shape. If the blades are shorter and fatter, they of course can take more abuse. The longer skinnier blades such as the Thai Daab Sword are tempered to have hard wearing edges with a softer, shock absorbent core to prevent breakage or shattering.  This means that the longer blades are not designed to be flexed excessively and if used against a target they cannot cut through, are designed to deform rather than shatter or snap.  So please use your blade accordingly.

Although we put our blades through steel, concrete and granite in our videos to show blade strength, it is NOT recommended to hit anything harder than wood with your blade.

Flexibility & Blade Bending:
Click Here to read more information on flex testing & sword fatigue, as well as the WARRANTY section regarding what will void your warranty.

 It is not recommended to repeatedly flex test your swords because it can fatigue your blade. This is why swords with high flex tests cannot be sold new.

Do NOT flex test by bending it over your knee or using other unconventional methods. Most swords will bend if done over the knee and will fatally weaken your blade. A flex test is performed by resting the tip on the floor or piece of wood and increasing slowly the body weight on the handle until it flexes, so it flexes in a way the blade does it naturally in the right area of the blade.

Bending your blade back and forth will destroy your blade.

After each used:
Clean the blade.
Make sure you are wiping fingerprints off after people touch the blade, to eliminate staining.
Reapply a light (not soaked) oil to it. Any type of oil like 3 in 1 will do. You can do this by putting a little bit of oil on a soft cloth and then wiping it down.

If Your Blade Has Already Started to Rust, do the Following:
Using a 180 grit sanding sponge, lightly sand off the rust.
Rub some light oil on it.
Wipe any excess off with a rag.

Sharpening Suggestions:
You can use a belt sander with a very fine grit paper, such as 220.
If you know how to use them, sharpening stones can also be used.

Scorpion Bows, Knives, Swords, Tomahawks, Hatchets, & Spears are warranted for one year from the date of purchase. The sales slip is the warranty and must be presented before the warranty can be honored. This warranty protects the purchaser against defects in material and workmanship that affect the structural integrity of the product. If upon inspection the product is found to be defective, it will be repaired or replaced whichever we deem suitable free of charge. Owner must pay all shipping charges. Claimant must be the original purchaser (Warranty is not transferable).

If you have damages to your blade, due to destructive use, we can try to fix your blade (if it can be fixed) for a fee.  Destructive use is also improperly flexing/bending your blade as well as performing multiple flex tests on it.  Doing so will ruin your blade to the point of no longer being able to fix it even at a fee.