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Flatbow Pictures
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Flatbow pictures. Custom flatbows with several types of options available. Our traditional flatbow can have several types of backings (Rattlesnake, Anaconda, Black Snake, Sea Snake, Imitation Gator, and Wood). Custom bow wood backings available are Walnut, Tiger Maple, Leopardwood, Purple Heart, Red Heart, Ziricote, Maple, and Hickory. Wood choices for the actual bow itself are Hickory, Maple, and Oak. You also have the option of exotic wood (Tiger Maple).
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Our Flatbow has a rectangle profile. Click on our "Product Care & Warranty" button below to read
details on how to care for your bow, as well as recommended arrows to use. Midlimb measures
between 1 to 2 inches. Handles average around 1 inches wide and 1 inches deep. Our bows have
5 to 6 inches between the string and belly of the handle (brace height or fistmele).
Hickory Wood, Leather
Wrapped Handle, Gunstock Stain
Maple Wood, Zebra Wood
Riser & Arrow Rest, Natural Stain
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