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Spartan Lakonian Sword
Spartan Lakonian Short Sword
$249  Spartan Lakonian Sword - w/out Leather Wrapped Handle w/out Sheath  
The Spartan desire for fighting with blades from 12 to 15" long is best summed up by Nicholas
Sekunda in his book "The Spartans" where he explains: The sword was probably shortened to
make it handier in the crush which ensued when the two phalanx lines met. Normal Greek swords
were medium-sized cut and thrust weapons. When the spear was broken, they would normally be
used overhand to slash at the head of the opponent. The sword was shortened in order to
encourage the Lakedaimonian warrior to use more effective thrusting attacks at the trunk of his
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Total Length = 19 "
Blade Length = 14 "
Blade Width = 2 1/8 " (widest section), 1 11/16" (Narrowest Section)
Blade Thickness = 3/16 "
Handle Length = 4 "
Handle Width = 7/8 "
Handle: 5160 steel scales, pined.
Weight = 2 lbs
Also Called the Xiphos
Click on the video
to the right
to see
a demonstration of
our sword (Definite
Slicing Power!)
history of the
sword, and fight
scenes using the
Spartan Lakonain Sword Video.  See us demonstrate the sword and history of the Spartan Lakonian Sword, Also called the Xiphos. Scorpion Swords & Knives Facebook Picture Link from Web Site
Leather color used will either be brown or black, depending on what is available.       
$288  Spartan Lakonian Sword - w/out Leather Wrapped Handle with Sheath
$259  Spartan Lakonian Sword - With Leather Wrapped Handle w/out Sheath
$298  Spartan Lakonian Sword - With Leather Wrapped Handle with Sheath
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